Data Packs

Zelda Bokoblin V2.1

The Zelda Bokoblin data pack replaces zombies that spawn into the world with bokoblin. Bokoblin come in five color variants, red, blue, black, silver, and gold. The color of the bokoblin indicate their power level, with red being the weakest, and gold being the strongest. The stronger the bokoblin, the higher the health and damage, but also the better the loot.

Zelda Stalfos V2.1

The Zelda Stalfos data pack replaces skeletons that spawn into the world with Stalfos. Stalfos wield a sword instead of a bow. When killed, the Stalfos crumb falls to pieces with a custom death animation. The head is left intact and will attempt to run away from you. You must finish off the head, otherwise, the Stalfos will be able to reform and you will have to fight it again.

Zelda Keese V2.1

The Zelda Keese data pack replaces bats that spawn into the world with Keese. Keese come in three variants, Default, Fire, and Ice. All Keese can attack the player. Fire Keese light the player ablaze, while Ice Keese freeze the player, slowing them down.

Magic Meter V2.1

The Magic Meter data pack adds a magic meter into your world. This magic meter doesn’t do anything by itself, but can be used by you, the mapmaker, to do some pretty cool stuff! This pack features a displayed magic meter which indicates the amount of magic the player currently has. It is fully multiplayer compatible.

Magical Rings V3.0

The Magical Rings Data Pack adds 17 unique rings. They generate in loot chests throughout the world, such as in mineshafts, treasure chests, and desert temples. The rings come in 4 differing rarities that indicate their usefulness. Rings, when held in the offhand slot, grant all sorts of buffs, but sometimes also have a debuff associated with it.

Magical Rods V3.0

The Zelda Magical Rods Data Pack adds six custom magic wands to Minecraft. The rods are obtainable with custom crafting recipes. The wands fire magical orbs which travel using unique mathematical physics, including an arced path of travel and mathematically correct bounces.

Zelda Magical Bombs V3.1

The Zelda Magical Bombs Data Pack adds four custom magical bombs to Minecraft. The bombs are obtainable with custom crafting recipes. Bombs have custom bouncing physics and explosion effects.

Magical Bows V3.2

The Zelda Magical Bows Data Pack adds five custom magical bows to Minecraft. The bows are obtainable with custom crafting recipes. Bows shoot magical arrows with custom particle trails and effects. Obtain these powerful bows to decimate your foes!

Zelda Shields V3.0

The Zelda Shields Datapack adds two custom modeled shields, the Hylian Shield and the Hero’s Shield. These are obtainable with our Custom Crafter.

Zelda Boomerangs V3.0

The Zelda Boomerangs data pack adds a new weapon; the Boomerang! Boomerangs can be thrown at enemies to deal damage and stun and will return to the user. Items can also be picked up by the boomerang. The boomerang will bounce off of any solid blocks it hits and returns immediately to the thrower but will travel through non-solid blocks.

Zelda Clawshot V1.0

The Zelda Clawshot datapack adds a new item to the game, the Clawshot. The Clawshot shoots out a hook that can latch on to any wooden blocks. It will then pull the player to the block and hold them there. Two Clawshots can be used at the same time, one in both hands. This allows you to alternate between the two without ever needing to touch the ground.

Linear Difficulty V3.0

The Linear Difficulty Increase Data Pack increases the difficulty of mobs that spawn into your Minecraft world over time. This is achieved by multiplying mob health by a variable derived by dividing playtime by the rate of increase.

WASD Random Bosses V3.2

The WASD Random Bosses Datapack turns naturally spawned mobs in the world into bosses. It was inspired by an old mod that is similar in function. Bosses spawn with random power levels, a random name and title, and loot based on difficulty.

Villager Names V3.1

The WASD Villager Names gives all villagers in the world randomly generated names.

  • Randomly Generated Names.
  • New cool technology used to generate the name.
  • Minimal performance impact.
  • Bug prevention due to smart block placement method.

Hammers V3.01

The Hammers Data Pack adds a new tool to Minecraft, the Hammer. It comes in all varieties, wooden, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. The hammer can be used to smash blocks into less solid versions. Cobblestone is smashed into gravel, gravel to dirt, and dirt to sand. Concrete can also be pulverized back into concrete powder.

Block Placer V1.0

The Block Placer Datapack adds a new redstone device to Minecraft, the Block placer. It can be created by throwing a diamond block on top of a dropper. The Block Placer can be used to place blocks into the world. It works with almost every type of block. If you come across issues, please join our discord and share a screenshot so we can fix it.

Block Breaker V1.0

The Block Breaker Datapack adds a new Redstone device to Minecraft, the Block Breaker. It can be created by throwing a diamond pickaxe on top of a dropper. The Block Beaker can be used to destroy blocks in the world. It works with almost every type of block. The Breaker requires the correct tool to be used to break the block. It uses the durability of the tool in order to break it.

Chest Bubbles V1.0

The Chest Bubbles datapack is a super simple pack that adds a bit more immersion to the world! The pack runs a ray trace when a chest is opened. If the chest is underwater, then bubbles will appear coming out of the chest when opened! It is very lightweight and shouldn’t impact performance in any notable way.

Force Nametag V1.0

The Force Nametag datapack is a pretty simple pack that allows you to name anything. The pack makes it so that when a nametag is dropped on an entity, the name is transferred to that entity. This lets you name previously unnamable entities such as boats, armor stands, and more!

Growing Slimes V1.0

The Growing Slimes datapack adds a cool new feature to the game! You can now feed slimes slimeballs, which will be reabsorbed into their bodies, causing them to grow. Every four slimeballs you give them will increase their size by one. They can get to the max size of 50! Be careful, they become very dangerous at this size!

Recharging Totem V1.0

The Recharging Totem datapack is pretty self-explanatory. The pack makes it so that when a Totem of Undying is used, instead of being removed from your inventory, it goes onto a recharge timer. It slowly recharges, visually indicated by the damage bar. It cannot be used again until it has fully recharged.