Moar Wands

For Minecraft Version 1.20.4
Moar Wands V1.3.2

Moar Wands V1.3.2
For Minecraft 1.20.4

Moar Wands adds new elemental types of Magical Wands into your Minecraft world. Each wand has a unique ability and model that allow for crazy spells to be cast, all while being fully multiplayer tested and compatible. Each element has multiple types of wands that do all sorts of crazy things. Intended to be played with my Moar Bosses Datapack.


You may use this datapack in whatever video you like, free of charge. My only request: YOU MUST CREDIT ME for my work. Simply link to this page in your video’s description, pinned comment, or both AND verbally mention during the intro of your video that the pack can be downloaded using the link. “Download in the description” would suffice.

So, what do the wands do?

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  • Ice Wand:
    Shoots a ball of ice that freezes mobs for a bit.

  • Water Wand:
    Deals damage and places some water where it lands.

  • Bubble Wand:
    Shoot a slow travelling bubble that picks up targets hit.

  • Ice Spike Wand:
    Shoots a piercing damaging projectile.

  • Frost Wand:
    Chills the ground, slowing enemies on it.


  • Earth Wand:
    Shoot a Fissure through the ground. Targets hit get launched into the air.

  • Rock Wand:
    Pulls a rock out of the ground and throws it.

  • Bolder Wand:
    Slowly pull a massive boulder out of the ground and hurl it.

  • Dripstone Wand:
    Shoots a wave of falling dripstone across the ground.


  • Fireball Wand:
    Shoots an explosive fireball that places flames.

  • Flamethrower Wand:
    Shoots three burst of flames that slowly grow as they travel, setting targets on fire.

  • Magma Wand:
    Places a temporary pool of lava where it lands.

  • Meteor Wand:
    Select a target location, pulling down a meteor to strike it.


  • Wind Wand:
    Deals knockback in the direction it travels. Damages players.

  • Gust Wand:
    Shoots a blast of wind that drags the target with it.

  • Hurricane Wand:
    Shoots a load of wind projectiles randomly one by one.

  • Air Wand:
    Create updrafts across the ground that throw targets into the air.


  • Ore Wand:
    Shoots a wave of iron ore spikes across the ground.

  • Steel Wand:
    Pulls iron spikes out of the ground and launches them.

  • Anvil Wand:
    Launches a projectile that drops anvils as it flies.


  • Lightning Wand:
    Shoots a fast moving projectile that strikes a target with lightning.

  • Electric Wand:
    Shoots a stunning projectile that can bounce between up to 5 targets… including you!

  • Thunder Wand:
    Shoots a slow moving projectile that repeatedly gets struck by lightning.


  • KFC Wand:
    Launches burning exploding chickens.
  • Feathered Wand:
    Right-click to flap, giving yourself a bit of upward momentum! Can be used a handful of times before needing to land, and gives slow falling on the way down.


  • Darkness Wand:
    Creates shadow teeth that pop out of the ground in front of the user.
  • Shadow Wand:
    Pulls a shadow player out of the ground that spins and damages everything around it.

  • Shadow Walk Wand:
    Turns you into a shadow that slowly moves in the direction you are looking.

  • Dark Sword Wand:
    Summons a bunch of Shadow Swords that slam into the ground.


  • Orb of Light Wand:
    Places a temporary orb of light that burns hostile mobs near it… and gives off light.
  • Heavenly Light Wand:
    Pulls down damaging light rays from the sky.

  • Flash Wand:
    Shoots a fast moving flash of light that blinds and stuns the target.


  • Log Wand:
    Pulls logs out of the ground that hold the target in place.
  • Healing Wand:
    Heals everything inside the circle.

  • Growth Wand:
    Speeds up crop growth in a radius.

  • Plant Wand:
    Pulls up sharp bamboo all around the user.


  • Death Wand:
    Shoots out a slowly moving wave of death.
  • Portal Wand:
    Pulls the target down into the ground through a portal.

  • Undead Wand:
    Pulls Zombie arms out of the ground that damage and slow nearby targets.

  • Draining Wand:
    Lowers the max health of anything inside of the circle, resetting it once the ability ends.

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