Mob Totems

For Minecraft Version 1.16+
Logdotzip Mob Totems

Logdotzip Mob Totems
For Minecraft 1.16+

The Mob Totems datapack is a pack that Logdotzip asked me to make for his channel. Unlike the normal projects that we make, this one is downloadable and mostly compatible with other datapacks. It adds 60 new totems to the game themed around every mob. Each totem has a right-click event to do an action related to the mob. When used the durability will decrease and it will slowly break.

How are totems obtained?

To get mob totems, you need to kill mobs. Mobs that are killed by the player will have the chance to drop a totem. The drop chances are fairly low depending on how easily farmable the mobs are. For example, a zombie is easily farmed due to spawners. However, a Polar Bear isn’t easily farmable, so it would have a higher drop chance. Looting also increases the drop rates of the totems.

So, what do the Totems do?

Passive Mobs:

  • Sheep:
    Regrow the wool of some nearby sheep.

  • Pig:
    Mounted pigs get a massive speed boost to almost horse speeds.

  • Fox:
    Perform a jump attack, hurting mobs you land on. Might be buggy.

  • Cow:
    Fill an empty bucket in your inventory with milk.

  • Mooshroom:
    Fill an empty bowl in your inventory with mushroom soup.

  • Horse:
    Get speed and jump boost for a short time to be like a horse.

  • Ocelot:
    Scare nearby creepers away. Sends them flying.

  • Cat:
    Right-click to take no fall damage for a short time. Lasts 2 seconds.

  • Parrot:
    Perform a second jump. Needs 1 second to recharge by being on the ground.

  • Wolf:
    Scare nearby skeletons away. Sends them flying away fast.

  • Squid:
    Shoot ink that slows and blinds mobs that it hits.

  • Snow Golem:
    Throw a snowball. Kinda visually glitchy.

  • Villager:
    Get the Hero of the Village effect for 10 seconds.

  • Wandering Trader:
    Summon a wandering trader. Very low durability.

  • Bat:
    Hang from the ceiling. Press shift to drop down. Can move around and go up one block at a time.

  • Chicken:
    Get slow falling for 3 seconds. Great for not dying from long falls.

  • Strider:
    Get fire resistance for 10 seconds. Allowing you to ‘walk’ in lava.

  • Turtle:
    Get the turtle master effect for 5 seconds.

  • Dog:
    Buffs all nearby tamed dogs for 20 seconds. Buffed dogs deal massive attack damage.

  • Fish (salmon and cod):
    Get water-breathing for 10 seconds.

Neutral Mobs

  • Panda:
    Sneeze to get a slime ball. Looks incredibly cute.

  • Polar Bear:
    Fish in water to catch cod and salmon and rarely other fish. No fishing treasure drops, however.

  • Llama:
    Spit attack. Gives nausea and poison.

  • Iron Golem:
    Launches all nearby mob into the air. Can hit multiple mobs at a time.

  • Bee:
    Pollinate crops you are standing on. Pollinated crops increase their growth state a lot.

  • Piglin:
    Cause all nearby mobs and players that are not wearing gold armor to glow, allowing them to be detected.

  • Zombified Piglin:
    Become “angry” to get a 5-second speed and damage boost.

  • Enderman:
    Teleport instantly forward where you are looking. Has around a 15 block range and cannot pass through blocks.

  • Spider:
    Shoots cobweb on right-click. Mobs hit get slowed and a cobweb is placed where it lands.

  • Cave Spider:
    Cures the poison potion effect from the user. Can only be used if you are poisoned.

  • Dolphin:
    Get Dolphin’s Grace for 10 second for increased water movement speed.

  • Pufferfish:
    Poison all nearby mobs that are very close to you for a short time.

Hostile Mobs

  • Witch:
    Throw a random potion from the list that witches can throw. So… poison, instant damage, weakness, and slowness.

  • Pillager /Vindicator:
    Makes nearby mobs and players drop the item that they are holding in their mainhand/weapon slot.

  • Evoker:
    Spawn a wave of evoker fangs (like an Evoker’s attack). Shift-right click to summon a circle of fangs.

  • Ravager:
    Deal high horizontal knockback to all nearby mobs like the Ravager’s blowback effect when you shield an attack.

  • Blaze:
    Shoot three fireballs.

  • Piglin Brute:
    Greatly buffs your attack damage, but only if you aren’t wearing armor.

  • Endermite:
    Cause all nearby Endermen to teleport randomly.

  • Silverfish:
    Hide inside a silverfish infestable block. Jump to get out. While inside you are fully invisible but cannot deal damage or break blocks.

  • Skeleton:
    Instantly shoot an arrow where you are aiming.

  • Wither Skeleton:
    Remove the wither effect from you if you have it.

  • Stray:
    Shooting arrows with this totem in your offhand slot automatically become slowness arrows.

  • Zombie:
    Break all nearby doors.

  • Drowned:
    Instantly throw a trident. Cannot be picked up for obvious reasons.

  • Vex:
    Go into spectator mode for 3 seconds, allowing you to phase through blocks.

  • Creeper:
    Cause an explosion on yourself which doesn’t deal damage to you or the world, but can hurt nearby entities.

  • Hoglin:
    Launch the mob you are looking at into the air.

  • Zoglin:
    Launch the mob you are looking at into the high into the air.

  • Slime:
    Bounce yourself upward into the air 7 blocks or so. Only works if you are standing on the ground, doesn’t work in the air.

  • Magma Cube:
    Hop a couple of block into the air, then land with a fire explosion. You also get a bit of fire resistance so it doesn’t burn you.

  • Elder Guardian:
    Shoot a big laser dealing lots of damage.

  • Guardian:
    Shoot a laser dealing some damage.

  • Shulker:
    Get levitation for 7 seconds.

  • Husk:
    Remove the hunger effect if you have it.

  • Ghast:
    Shoot a ghast fireball where you are looking. Can cause world damage.

  • Phantom:
    Turn the time to midnight.


  • Wither:
    Remove all negative potion effects and block any nearby arrows, making them disappear.

  • Ender Dragon:
    Break loads of blocks around you. Probably overpowered, as it can break any type of block.

  • Illusioner:
    Become invisible for a short time. Cannot be obtained in a normal survival world.

To install and make it work with our other videos, watch the How To Install video found below.

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