Hello and welcome to the website, we are a Minecraft Build Team devoted to bringing you the very best in quality maps. Our main project at the moment is Zelda Battle Arena, which is a fully multiplayer compatible arena-based PVE map.

WASD Projects
Learn about all the projects we have made over the years, with downloads for each of them. You can also see every video made for each project from their respective page.

WASD Data Packs
Download some of our new Data Packs. Currently, this is what we are working on the most. These packs overhaul the vanilla game with simple installations!

WASD Resource Packs
Check out every resource pack made by WASD Build Team members. We have multiple full packs, as well as a couple joke packs!

Learn about every mod Eastonium, the programmer of the team has made. Combined his mods have gotten close to 100k downloads!

The Team
Learn about the members of the
WASD Build Team
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