Moar XP

For Minecraft Version 1.20.4
Moar XP V1.1.2

Moar XP V1.1.2
For Minecraft 1.20.4

The Moar XP Datapack adds XP storage devices and other utilities to the game to allow for better XP handling, storage, transportation, and crafting (maybe). The pack, like most of my other work, has the goal of being made in the style of Minecraft so that it fits into the game seamlessly.

Moar Diamonds must be installed to Craft the Items!


You may use this datapack in whatever video you like, free of charge. My only request: YOU MUST CREDIT ME for my work. Simply link to this page in your video’s description, pinned comment, or both AND verbally mention during the intro of your video that the pack can be downloaded using the link. “Download in the description” would suffice.

Current XP Devices

  • XP Tank: Can store XP as a liquid, use the XP Drain to store into it, and the XP Spout to pull out of it. When placed on top of another tank, they combine their storage.

  • XP Drain: Must be placed on top of an XP Tank. Takes XP from your inventory and stores it in the tank when you stand on the drain.

  • XP Spout: Placed on the side on an XP Tank. Can be enabled to take XP from the tank and convert it into Experience Orbs to be collected.

To install, follow the instructions contained in the “instructions.txt” file included in the download. If you are still having issues installing or want help knowing how to do something with the pack, ask for help on our discord.

Fully Multiplayer compatible!

Recipes (also show up in-game, press “L”)

Installation Instructions

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