Overkill Plasma Blade

This mod adds a single new epic item: The Plasma Sword.
This sword itself is quite powerful, but the main strength comes from its numerous abilities. You can fire small plasma projectiles, large exploding plasma projectiles, and, best of all, you can perform a massive spin attack that damages everything in a large radius around you.

More TCon

More TCon aims to make spice up your Tinker’s Construct experience. It adds quite a few new materials, cool ways to get them, and new exotic and unique tool parts.


A mod based on the popular Lego series Bionicle. NuiCraft adds Masks, Kanoka, Blocks, Tools, Mobs, Recipes, Banners and many other things.

Kirby Enemy Mod

The Kirby Enemy Mod adds mobs and items which are based on the popular Nintendo Series, Kirby.