The best way to donate is through Patreon

Supporting us financially is an awesome way to help us continue to be able to make the projects and datapacks that you enjoy.

We greatly appreciated every donation, no matter the size. That being said, we do want to reward people for these donations, so we provide a number of perks for donors.


$1+ a Month

Exclusive Community: Patrons have access to a Patron-only chat room. I view my supporters as friends and enjoy chatting with them frequently.

Sneak Peeks: I frequently post screenshots and messages showing what I’m currently working on. You get to know ahead of time what packs will be coming out and more in depth what the actual development process for them is.

Early Datapack Releases: I attempt to publish all my packs ahead of time for Patrons to download and play on. Some packs are available to the Patrons for multiple weeks before getting published to the public.

Exclusive Patron-Only Datapacks: Some datapacks or pack updates won’t be released to the public. You will need to become a patron to gain access to them. Moar Swords has an in-game recipe guide that will remain patron exclusive. Moar Axes is a pack that will always be patron-exclusive. Moar shovels will remain patron-exclusive. Moar Bows has in-game recipes, and Moar Crossbows has 20 extra crossbows.

Exclusive Pack List:

Moar Swords In-Game Recipes
Moar Bows In-Game Recipes
Moar Axes
Moar Shovels
Moar Crossbows with 20 Extra Crossbows.
Moar Wands

$5+ a Month

Patron Server Access: All Patrons at this tier and higher have access to the Patron Exclusive Survival Server. I play on there myself, so by joining, you have the ability to play Minecraft with me. The server runs quite a few of our datapacks, including some that are yet to be published to the public.

Ask an Admin: This is an exclusive channel where I’ll help you with command/function stuff you are working on. I won’t create content for you, but can help lead you in the right direction or fix errors in your code.

Access to my TODO LIST: See all the planned features for every pack, current and upcoming. Essentially, this is a SUPER sneak peek. You can see what stage of production the item/update is on.

$10+ a Month

Ask an Admin+ Greater access to the ask and Admin channel. He will help you more in-depth than at $5 a month.

$20+ a Month

SUPER SUPPORTER: AMAZING SUPPORT! You are now my best friend.

$50+ a Month

Your name will be added in-game the credits of every single datapacks that we have and will make. You can also choose to have direct links to any social media accounts of your choosing in this crediting.

$100+ a Month

Custom Particle Trail! This will work on any server running my datapacks. You can run /trigger w.patron_trail to toggle between 4 different styles of trail or disable it. AND, best of all, server owners can do nothing to disable it! Cool particles to flex that can’t be stopped

Donors get access to this exclusive content.