Great Bridge of Hylia

The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, in Minecraft!

The Great Bridge of Hylia

The build is 220 blocks long, built entirely at an angle. Due to this, we decided to use the Chisel and Bits mod to allow for extreme detail and so that the angle would look good. Surprisingly, even with the extreme detail, due to Chisel and Bits being such an awesome mod, it runs perfectly fine on my weak computer.
To view the build for yourself you will need these:

Notice: The Bridge was built in MC 1.11.2 I suggest you load it in that version, but it might work in later versions of Minecraft.

Once you download the world, the bridge can be found around 2503 53 3086

You can get there by typing this command. /tp @p 2503 53 3086

You may use this build for whatever you may like but please do not repost this build without linking back to the original post.
If you use this build in any content that you post online, please provide credit and a link back to this post.