Border Wars 3

You’ve played Minecraft. You’ve survived in the near-endless world, but now its time for a new challenge!

Fight against time itself in a battle against the border. Survive and even thrive in a constantly shrinking world. Fight monsters to grow the border or at least hold it at bay. Make sure not to die, as you lose precious land. Grow the border to obtain useful and wacky items from loot chests!

When you kill hostile mobs, you will expand the border by an amount equivalent to the difficulty of the mob you killed. For example, killing a zombie adds 1 to the border, while killing a skeleton adds 3 and killing a witch adds 4.

The border shrinks at a rate of 16 blocks lost per Minecraft day, starting at 75.

Choose to play in one of 4 different difficulties:
Easy: Game difficulty is Easy. Five Blocks lost on death.
Normal: Game difficulty is Normal. Ten Blocks lost on death.
Hard: Game difficulty is Hard. Fifteen Blocks lost on death.
Ultrahard: Game difficulty still on Hard, but Health regeneration is off and twenty blocks are lost on death.

Explore the world to find useful resources. Expand the border to unlock colorful shulker boxes which contain useful, random, and strange custom items.