Commissioned Work

Are you a YouTube Channel, server owner, or just a person looking for a custom datapack? I do commission work making custom datapacks and resource packs. My work, featured below, as been in videos by LogDotZip, Sub’s World, Joey Graceffa, and more to come. If you are interested in a custom datapack, you can contact me at or on discord at Cable_McCraft#0554

Nether Update For Sub’s World

For this project, I made a handful of things for Sub’s World to showcase. I made textures for blue fire and logs, quartz tools, obsidian boats. I modeled and textured the Piglin Beast.

“Pro Mode” For LogDotZip

For this project, I detected 20 noob actions and created punishments doing these mistakes. For example, digging straight down placed lava below you, diamonds falling into lava killed you, breaking things without silk touch hurts you, and so on. This video did really well, getting 850,000 views in the first 7 days.

PuppyCraft for Joey Graceffa

For this project, I made puppy textures for Joeys 7 puppies. The puppies have to be tamed using unique tame items that fit with their names. For example, Joey needs to obtain an enchanted golden apple, a diamond block, and other valuables to tame all of his puppies. We also made a ball item that can be thrown to play fetch with them!

Developer A for LogDotZip

In this video, LogDotZip showcases some projects that I made. I made three Zelda themed creations. The ReDead, which can stun you with its screams. The Hookshot, which can latch onto wooden materials and pull the player to it. And, the Bokoblin encampment, which is a structure that Bokoblin could spawn at.

50 Rarest Features for LogDotZip

In this video, I compiled a list of 50 rare features in Minecraft, such as fully completed end portals, and the Jungle Hills M biome. Pretty simple project.

Updates Everyone Wants In Minecraft For Sub’s World

This project for Sub’s world had me make a handful of new game features, such a dyable elytra (a texture change) and items frozen in ice. Unfortunately, the recorder of that video couldn’t figure out how to install a datapack, so most of my work wasn’t showcased. However, 4 of the projects were turned into full datapacks on this website.

Confusing Stuff For Sub’s World

For this project, I made some cursed Minecraft content such as baby cows and sheep from thrown eggs, edible blocks, and zombies that shoot arrows.

Recreated Creeper for LogDotZip

In this video, I was one of the 5 paid developers with the task of remaking the creeper. The only instructions were that it needed to have different behaviors and textures to the regular creeper, and a custom drop with custom use. I made the TNT creeper, which can jump into the air and drop TNT down on the player while slowly falling back to the ground. Its drops can be used to make a TNT Totem which makes you immune to TNT damage.

101 Features commenters have never used for LogDotZip

In this project, I compiled a list of 101 things that LogDotZip’s fanbase said they have never done in Minecraft before. I looked through about 4,000, grabbed the best ones, and sorted them into a mostly coherent pathway. I then created a world that facilitated LogDotZip to be able to do each thing. In the video, I set up quite a few interesting transitions between areas to spice up the content.

Pickaxes for Sub’s World

The project had a very fast turn-around on it, needing to be done within a day of it being assigned. For the project, I textured 7 custom pickaxes and gave four of them unique abilities, such as TNT explosions where you mine, completely random drops, or even a random firework explosion at the block mined.

21 Christmas Ideas for Sub’s World

For this project, I was asked to make a datapack to make Creepers drop presents, add “Snow TNT” which explodes into a pile of snow, add Snow Bricks. I also made all mobs in the world wear a custom modeled Christmas hat. The difficulty of this project was actually how fast it was needed to be done. It was assigned three days before Christmas, so I needed my part done the same day it was assigned. Luckily, I finished it only three hours after getting the project.

Enchantments for Sub’s World

For this project, I wrote the entire 3000-word script, which had both the words that the narrator would say, as well as detailing what should be occurring onscreen. I also made the datapack for this project, which adds 15 functional enchantments to the game. Every enchantment in the video works exactly how the script says, so watch the video for more details.

Canceled Updates for Sub’s World

For this video, I wrote the script. It was based on the canceled features page on the Wiki. The video didn’t require a datapack, but I did do a bit of extra work to add commands in the script to help the talent to be able to showcase what was in the script, as command aptitude isn’t part of his job.

50 Hated Things for LogDotZip

For this project, I collect 75 comments from LogDotZip’s twitter to be trimmed down into a list of 50. It took a while because twitter is bad. I then took those 50 comments, turned them all into models, organized them, and built a world around them to show off these Hated Features. Not particularly a technically challenging project, but one that required a lot of time.

15 Cool Ideas for LogDotZip

In this video, I was tasked with creating 15 cool creations from the members-only comment section. However, there were only 17 comments, so it was somewhat difficult. I ended up making quite a few cool devices, items, and recipes.