Camp Boots

For Minecraft Version 1.17
Moar Boots V1.6.0

Moar Boots V1.6.0
For Minecraft 1.17

The Moar Boots datapack adds new boot types to the game. This pack doesn’t focus on statistical upgrades but instead aims to add boots that have special abilities and traits. Because of this, it fits in very nicely with the other datapacks in the ‘Moar’ series. This pack was commissioned to be made for the CAMP Minecraft YouTube series. They were kind enough to let us post it, so please go thank them for letting us do so.

So, what do the boots do?

  • Flappy Boots:
    The Flappy Boots allow you to fly a short distance in the air. If you press Shift while airborne you will get a small amount of upwards momentum. Holding it down with give you half a second of this boost which throws you around 10 blocks into the air. You can also tap shift a total of 3 times for more horizontal distance.

  • Heavy Boots:
    The Heavy Boots make you take no knockback. This means that any source of knockback (not explosions) will not send you anywhere. This can be very useful for keeping you from falling off of edges and into lava. They do slow you down by %10 when worn.

  • Obsidian Boots:
    These boots turn nearby lava into temporary obsidian much like the Frost Walker enchantment does to water. After 10 seconds the obsidian will return back to lava. This is great for traversing over lava lakes.

  • Slime Boots:
    The Slime Boots allow you to slide down walls that you brush up against while in the air. This means that you won’t take any fall damage as long as you are touching a wall. It can be great for parkour and general travel over hostile environments.

  • Speed Boots:
    These boots give you a %25 increase to your movement speed, which is fairly substantial for getting places. They don’t provide any armor value, however, and thus take up your boot slot.

  • Anvil Boots:
    Deals damage to mobs that you land on. More damage the higher the fall.

  • Pegasus Boots:
    Activates when you sprint. Gives you a massive burst of speed for up to 2 seconds. Needs 5 seconds of not sprinting to recharge.

  • Hover Boots:
    Allows you to hover in the air for 5 seconds.

  • Dolphin Boots:
    Gives you Dolphin’s Grace, allowing you to swim quickly in water.

  • TNT Boots:
    Causes an explosion at your location. Deals damage to mobs, but not to you. Doesn’t cause world damage. It will likely throw you into the air, so you might take some fall damage.

  • Bunny Boots:
    Get jump boost while worn.

  • Musical Boots:
    Leave a trail of notes behind you when sprinting. Notes are purely aesthetic and don’t actually do anything of function.

  • Wither Rose Boots:
    Leave a wither trail behind you when sprinting.

  • Feather Boots:
    Gives you slow falling.

  • Sneakers:
    When holding sneak, become invisible but slow.

To install, follow the instructions contained in the “instructions.txt” file included in the download. If you are still having issues installing or want help knowing how to do something with the pack, ask for help on our discord.

Fully Multiplayer compatible!

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